The following are comments made by organizations that have utilized our contract relief and recruitment services as well as comments from professionals that have been placed using our placement services.

Relief Services

"I have used the services of  TPN Relief Services  for almost 6 years because the pharmacists supplied are outstanding.  I can leave on vacation and never worry about my store or that my patients will not be taken care of.  I also very much appreciate that when I come back from a 2 or 3 week vacation, I have virtually no problems to solve.  TPN Relief provides me with peace of mind.

Thank you so much for providing the services you do and for always being professional.” 

Expert Witness

I used the consulting services of GetHelp Consulting (Todd Read) in a legal matter . Todd provided outstanding services as a pharmacy expert witness. Todd's knowledge of pharmacy operations and financials helped to create expert reports including financial analysis, operations, jurisprudence, and an evaluation of legal matters as it pertained to an independent pharmacy.

Todd's motivation and thoroughness was amazing and led to achieving my legal goals in the litigation. Thank you Todd for the outstanding work you have done and continue to do!! 

Contractor Feedback

"I have been a contract relief pharmacist with TPN Relief Services Inc. for almost 2 years. The vast majority of pharmacies supply sufficient and properly trained support personnel for me to provided clinical services billings.  TPN places their pharmacists in environments that focus on the client, which translates into great customer focused service.


TPN has high standards for their contractors. For example, contractors are required to show the billable clinical services on each invoice, which holds us accountable.  On the other hand, TPN pre-screens pharmacies which enables contractors to practice in the most professional environments possible. Working with TPN has provided me plenty of opportunities in a variety of settings . I have worked in LTC pharmacies, urban and rural pharmacies, and even several hospital pharmacies. 

Every day is a different day.  Each contractor can always choose to work whatever days he/she wants to have life-work balance. Working with TPN Relief Services Inc. provides for a great career choice!” 

Independent Pharmacy

“We are very happy with the services provided by TPN Relief Services Inc.  The pharmacist they sent was friendly, extremely efficient and the level of clinical services was astounding.  I am considering using the pharmacist again as the amount of clinical billings was higher than the rate I had to pay, so why not?"

IDA Pharmacy

"TPN Services was able to provide me with quick, reliable pharmacy relief to allow me time to be with my family.  In todays busy world those special times would not be possible without the services Todd can give - Thanks!"


"Thanks for all your help.  I really appreciate your professional approach and your patience with those of us with little experience in recruiting professionals.  The time you take to interview and find the right candidate is appreciated.  I like that you take the time to review potential pharmacists references and work experiences to see how they would fit in with our needs.  Our new Pharmacist appears excited to begin working and we are looking forward to our association. 

Thanks again for your help."


"I appreciated every moment your team spent in helping me find a job.  It was very helpful, as you always answered my questions whenever I called.  I enjoyed dealing with you and with your peers in the agency.  You were always very professional when answering my questions regarding wages, taxation, benefits, and geographical locations. It was really helpful, after all, I got the job that suited me and this was great.  Thank you, and I hope to do business again, but not very soon I hope." 


Great people! Very helpful and will respond to questions and concerns very quickly. They understood my personal needs and fitted me to a great location. Would definately recommend!

Hinton Hill Pharmacy

"Fantastic job done again by your team.  Your contractor took care of the business and kept things running smoothly.  Wouldn't hesitate to have him back or recommend him to others.  Thanks"


Thank you so much for helping with the process of finding my first job as a pharmacist. The thought was a little overwhelming at first but you helped clarify issues and make the process very educational and informative, and I was able to find a place that I wanted to work at in the location I wanted as well. I'm sincerely grateful for your help and always making time for my questions and making it a very personal process. I'd highly recommend TPN Relief Services Inc. for help with the process of finding employment after graduation. Thanks again.


"When I first met Todd from TPN Relief Services at a pharmacy career fair, I found him to be candid and sincere.  He encouraged me to think about what I wanted in a job and to try to find it on my own before contacting him with regards to placement services.  This first interaction is what eventually prompted me to ask him for help later on.  I found his experience and advice allowed me to feel more comfortable with the contract negotiating process.  I now have a position that I believe I can be happy with, thanks in a large part due to his guidance."


"My placement experience with TPN Relief Services was a very positive one. I appreciated the work that you did and you were very quick in getting back to me when I had any questions. Although it was a frusterating process in regards to my situation, you always encouraged me that it would work out eventually which I really appreciated...I truly enjoyed my experience and I thank you very much."


"TPN Relief Services Inc. was very helpful and removed a great deal of stress from my job search process.  I started looking for an employer before I approached TPN Relief Services Inc. and I became frustrated. I approached TPN Relief Services Inc, not knowing what to expect since they were new and the concept of placement services was new, I am very glad I contacted them, as I was exposed to a broader array of employers and consequently got a job that I would not have otherwise found and the compensation package negotiated was better than I would have imagined.”


"Thank you for all your help to find an employer that met my expectations for me so I could concentrate on studying.  It was really stressful worrying about finding an employer and TPN Relief Services Inc. made my search much easier and I got a job that I would not have thought was possible.  The communication was quick, accurate and was compassionate."

Shoppers Drug Mart

"I was able to arrange coverage very efficiently and was impressed with the level of service I received. The contractors TPN utilized have been of a top-tier quality.  I had no qualms leaving the dispensary, and more importantly my patients in their capable hands.  Unfortunately this has not always been the case with other relief services and that is why I try to source my relief pharmacy coverage through TPN before looking elsewhere."

Relief Services

“TPN relief services have been a tremendous help in keeping my operation going. I have found them to be reliable, honest and caring. They have delivered on all aspects of the agreements, and more. Their pharmacists have been friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Often they have gone beyond the expectations, assisting in the daily operations of the business.  I fully endorse the use of their services. I plan to continue calling upon their help so long as I have the need.”

IDA Pharmacy

“I wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with your services and appreciate your assistance with summer vacation relief.”

Remedy's Rx

“I have never had a relief pharmacist take as much ownership as your contractor did over the last couple of weeks.  She was great.”

Hinton Hill Pharmcy

"Your contractor was fantastic. He took care of the pharmacy as if it was his own. Wouldn't hesitate to have him back.  Thanks to TPN for being fast and efficient with arranging coverage with a top notch pharmacist on such short notice."

Carstairs Family Pharmasave

"...your contractor was exactly what a relief pharmacist should be. 
We enjoyed having him around, kept the pace and was very pleasant 
with customers."

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