TPN Relief Services Inc. is an Alberta based organization that has been providing pharmacist relief since January 2008.  As of 2018 we have regulated pharmacy technicians on our team that can be contracted.

The services we provide are the best in class and are designed to decrease the staffing challenges.  We provide short-term contract pharmacist & technician relief.   

Organizations need to change their traditional ways of thinking in order to be competitive today, thereby allowing different staffing methods to be utilized to better compete in a market that is very competitive for a limited supply of professionals.  We are proud that organizations contact TPN Relief Services before calling our competition. Our contractors have personal values that align with the core values of TPN Relief Services inc.; efficiency, customer service, and respect.  

We have provided contract relief coverage, with best in class service, to over 350 pharmacies totaling more than 2800 contracts, and we are proud that virtually every client we have helped are repeat customers as we have a 99.9% satisfaction rating.

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